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check_light.jpg engine check light
srs.jpg SRS (supplementary restraint system) airbag
abs.jpg ABS (antilock braking system)
battery_light.jpg Battery light
oil_light.jpg Oil light

Is your car’s engine running rough, cutting out or having trouble starting? Do any of these lights appear on your dash?.

Then you need to come and see us!


We specialize in diagnosing and repairing:

  • vehicle computer problems
  • ABS brakes
  • SRS airbag
  • engine check light faults
  • fuel injection
  • engine running
  • starting faults

Most of today’s vehicles have numerous computers running different components in your car.

We have the latest computer diagnostic equipment, scan tools and scopes to enable us to find out what the problem is.

And we are constantly updating these systems to stay at the leading edge of fault diagnosis.

This is what sets us apart from your everyday mechanic.


Scan tools and Software

Diagnostic equipment are a vital part of fault finding on vehicles today. Like all technology it is always changing, so we are always upgrading and updating our equipment and technicians so we can repair your vehicles faults fast and efficiently.

Why choose us?


Lets face it, nothings simple these days and that is very true of our cars. With all the great conveniences, such as electric seats, assisted braking and handling systems, safety airbags, rear view cameras etc all this technology has the potential to break down. This is where we come in - all the electrical and computerised systems in your car can be fixed, but to save both time and money come direct to the experts and in no time at all you will be back on the road.

Specialist Technicians

All our Technicians are trained using the most up to date scan tool equipment and scopes. Regular training and specialty classes keep them informed with all the latest advances in vehicle technology and software.

Latest Equipment

To be able to diagnose faults correctly, you need the latest scan tool equipement, scopes and software for all the different makes and models of vehicles. At Sparkz Automotive, we pride ourselves in having a range of scan tools that can help to efficiently diagnose and re-program your cars computer systems.


Scott Kinsella - Workshop Manager


Pam Kinsella - Admin

what we are all about

At Sparkz Automotive we are dedicated to providing you with quality, fast and honest service, and as a member of the MTA you  have the added assurance that you are being looked after by a professional.